T-Shirts EbiFriends

EbiFriends: Ebimotors branded t-shirts

Developed in collaboration with Brina Srl, the team’s official merchandising is now available for all motorsport fans who have long been following Ebimotors team and its captain Enrico Borghi, who celebrated his 40th career anniversary in 2014.

Every product can be fully customized with name (nickname, etc.) and is available in many different colors and films: normal, fluo, glitter, mirror look and the brand new carbon look.

Tank top women
€ 20,00
incl. 22% VAT

T-Shirt children/women/men, short sleeve
€ 28,00
incl. 22% VAT

T-Shirt women/men, long sleeve
€ 34,00
incl. 22% VAT

T-Shirt women/men, light
€ 30,00
incl. 22% VAT

Polo shirt children/women/men, short sleeve
€ 42,00
incl. 22% VAT

For information and orders | info@brinasrl.com

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