Press Release n.9-19 - ELMS

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Monza with many friends and scores thanks to Fortuna-Frezza-Babini

Last weekend the second round of the European Le Mans Series 2019 championship took place at the `temple of speed´. Nine cars were enrolled in the LMGTE category among which our Porsche 911 RSR car, driven by the crew Sébastien Fortuna, Marco Frezza and Fabio Babini.

F. Babini (Ebimotors) placed the no. 80 car on the fifth class position with the time of 1:47.631, while the rolling start of the 4 Hours of Monza was managed by S. Fortuna (Ebimotors). Enrico Borghi’s gentleman driver, who was driving the 911 RSR car for the second time, kept a good speed and avoided the accident that involved the two Ferrari F488 GT3 EVO, the No. 55 (Spirit of Race) and the No. 83 (Kessel Racing). Since S. Fortuna was having a good performance (Ebimotors), the team decided to have the pit-stop only for fuel supply and tyres change and not for the driver’s change. So, double stint for S. Fortuna (Ebimotors), who passed his car to his mate on the fifth class position after a two-hour driving. F. Babini (Ebimotors) went on the race and a sensational battle started among the cars of the LMGTE category to reach positions. Our gold driver had a satisfying performance till he underwent an accident caused by a prototype, which made him have an about-turn. The gained gap was, obviously, lost. F. Babini (Ebimotors) did not lose heart and, concentrated, he restarted the race passing his No. 80 car to M. Frezza (Ebimotors) on the sixth position. The Milan driver performed a comeback and gained the fourth LMGTE position but due to a compulsory pit-stop for a splash of fuel, he lost some positions again just 30' before the chequered flag .

Fortuna-Frezza-Babini ended the race on the fifth class position, gaining a place in both teams and drivers’ classifications. For Ebimotors the home round is always an occasion to share their passion for motorsport with friends, clients and supporters. Thank you to everybody.

The next round is scheduled in Barcelona at the weekend of 19th and 20th July.

LMGTE Teams Classification:

1. Dempsey - Proton Racing 42; 2. Luzich Racing 40; 3. JMW Motorsport 12 30; 4. Kessel Racing 26; 5. Ebimotors 18; 6. Team Project 1 16; 7. Spirit of Race 16; 8. Proton Competition 6; 9. Kessel Racing 2.

LMGTE Drivers Classifications:

1. Ried-Cairoli-Pera 42; 2 Pier Guidi-Lavergne-Nielsen 40; 3. Segal-Gressoni-Lu 30; 4. Gostner-Gatting-Frey 26; 5. Babini-Frezza-Fortuna 18; 6. Perfetti-Roda-Bergmeister 16; 7. Scott-Cameron-Griffin 16; 8. Felbermayer Jr-Seefried-Preining 6; 9. Piccini-Schiavoni-Pianezzola 2.