Press Release n.20-19 - LMC

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Portimão not easy for Venerosi-Baccani

The last round of the Michelin Le Mans Cup 2019 championship took place in Portugal last weekend. Eight cars were enrolled in the GT3 category. And the Florentine crew, Paolo Venerosi together with Alessandro Baccani, had their great return.

A. Baccani (Ebimotors) placed our Porsche 911 GT3 R car on the third class position with the time of 1:45.144.

The rolling start was, instead, assigned to P. Venerosi (Ebimotors), who started from the second class position due to a downgrading undergone by the Ferrari 488 GT3 No. 8 car (Kessel Racing) because of a technical irregularity after the Qualifying Session. Before our gentleman driver only the Ferrari 488 GT3 No. 71 driven by F. Lavergne (Luzich Racing). P. Venerosi (Ebimotors) had difficulties to keep his position and then passed his No. 88 car to his mate on the fifth class position. The pit-stop occurred accurately and after that A. Baccani (Ebimotors) was in charge of managing this second part of an uneasy race. Our driver tried to keep the race pace but, despite his great commitment, he placed his No. 88 car on the eighth position under the chequered flag.

This was not surely the seasonal ending we expected but we are aware of our professional enrichment and looking forward to the next sports season.

GT3 Teams Classification:

1. Kessel Racing 130 points; 2. Luzich Racing 109; 3. Beechdean AMR 80; 4. Spirit of Racing 69; 5. SPS AutomotivePerformance 66; 6. Ebimotors 45; 7. Kessel Racing 37; 8. Scuderia Villorba Corse 26; 9. Krypton Motorsport 20; 10. Scuderia Villorba Corse 11.5.

GT3 Drivers Classification:

1. Piccini-Pianezzola 130 points; 2. Lavergne-Mac 109; 3. Howard-Gunn 80; 4. Ulrich-Mediani 69; 5. Müller-Mettler 66; 6. Hartshorne-Hancock 37; 7. Venerosi-Baccani 35; 8. Mezard-Hiesse 26; 10. Zanuttini-Pezzucchi 20; 11. Pera 18; 12. Calamia-Pampanini 11.5; 13. Mancinelli 10.